Xinhua (China Daily) Interviews Wottrich; “Obama’s stimulus money should be directed to private sectors, says U.S. expert”

CHICAGO, Feb. 19 (Xinhua) — (English translation from the Chinese) U.S. President Obama’s stimulus plan has minimum impact on the U.S. economy so far, and the stimulus money should be directed to private sectors and commercial enterprises to encourage them to put more people on the payrolls, said a U.S. financial expert in Chicago on the first anniversary of Obama’s economic stimulus plan on Thursday.

“The 787 billion U.S. dollar stimulus plan was put out a year ago by the Congress with President Obama’s blessings. But only about 200 billion dollars has been spent so far. Over 500 billion dollars has not even been spent yet,” Richard Wottrich, managing director, international at Dresner Partners in Chicago, an investment banking firm based in Chicago, told Xinhua during an exclusive interview Thursday.
Full Article: 2010-02-19 15:29:15