DSI Litigation Support Services – Environamics, Inc.


DSI Case Study – Litigation Support Services

11/29/2014, Atlanta USA

Environamics engineered and manufactured a unique centrifugal pump technology supported by a robust patent portfolio that dramatically changed the life-cycle value dynamics for major beverage, food and chemical plants. Customers such as Anheuser-Busch Companies, Inc. designated Environamics as a preferred vendor after years of exhaustive testing and in-plant applications.

The lender liquidated Environamics assets in a bankruptcy proceeding and was sued by the Environamics owners. A jury trial determined that the lender had sold company assets in a “commercially unreasonable manner.” DSI was retained by Environamics to coordinate and provide business valuation and intellectual property valuations in support of its litigation.

In the subsequent trial to determine damages DSI was asked to assemble a team in support of an appropriate value for the Environamics assets. DSI coordinated input from Ocean Tomo, LLC, for access to the patent auction process and services; The McLean Valuation Services Group to determine the business valuation; and DSI Global View LLC, to provide an industry overview, delineate the appropriate sales process and document major buyers interested in the Environamics assets.

The subsequent jury verdict extinguished the lender’s recourse to recover any additional claims against Environamics’ owners and awarded them $5,000,000.