DSI Technology Licensing Case Study – Curozone USA

DSI Technology Licensing Case Study

Aurora, Ontario, Canada – CurOzone USA, Inc. developed HealOzone, a patented dental treatment system that utilizes Ozone to replace traditional drilling systems. Ozone, a triatomic very reactive form of oxygen, is utilized by the HealOzone appliance. Injected within a specialized oral appliance, ozone seeps into the pores of a tooth and effectively kills off the bacteria that cause caries inside and on the surface of a tooth. A high concentration of ozone kills bacteria very quickly and is thousand times more powerful than other bacterial killing agents. Once the bacteria are dead the tooth replaces lost mineralization in a matter of a few weeks with patented mouthwash treatments.

CurOzone entered into European Manufacturing and Distribution Licensing Agreements with KaVo Dental. DSI Global View (DSI) exclusively represented CurOzone in coordinating a DSI Intellectual Property Valuation (IP-VAL) of the CurOzone technology and patents to establish the Commercial Enterprise Value utilized in negotiations with KaVo Dental. [CurOzone was subsequently acquired by KaVo]

KaVo Dental GmbH & Co. – KaVo Group designs and manufactures dental equipment and instruments for dentists and dental technicians. KaVo Dental provides laboratory equipment, including workstations, dust extraction systems, laboratory motors, articulators, diagnostic devices, and processing equipment. The company was founded in 1909 and is headquartered in Biberach, Germany. It has operations in Brazil, China, the Czech Republic, France, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Poland, the Russian Federation, Scandinavia, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States, as well as Lake Zurich, Illinois. KaVo Dental GmbH & Co. operates as a subsidiary of Danaher Corp.

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By Richard L. Wottrich, CEO and Senior Consultant, International Services