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Our Core Principles

  • DSI equals Diversity in skill sets, Strength via vast experience, Integrity via best business practices.
  • Our clients’ interests are our interests. By serving our clients well, we collectively succeed.
  • Our assets are our people, global relationships and reputation.
  • We present creative potential international opportunities designed to add value to client businesses.
  • We take pride in the professional quality, creativity and imagination of our work product.
  • We assemble the finest DSI Global Teams possible, drawing from our global business relationships.
  • Our relatively small size results in moving swiftly to market and speed in execution.
  • We are finely tuned to accelerating change in international markets.
  • We treat client confidences as the lifeblood of our business, to be protected at all costs.

“A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both.” Dwight Eisenhower

 DSI World

DSI is a US-based International Strategic Planning Consultancy

DSI assists businesses in researching, analyzing and implementing cross-border entry into new markets via IT, Joint Ventures and M&A.

DSI is ‘Your Bridge to the World’ 

The DSI cloud-based virtual Global Networking Platform is composed of over 225 investment banking firms, consulting firms and university and technology centers in 35 countries.