Forbidden City, Beijing

InterChina Partners

InterChina Partners and InterChina Consulting are specialists in China. Their team of 50 professionals has conducted over 600 strategy projects and closed over 185 transactions since inception. Through its unique combination of capabilities, InterChina has delivered the highest quality of services to clients for over 20 years. InterChina is one of the leading advisory firms in China, and the number one alternative to the global consultancies and investment banks. Based in Beijing and Shanghai, InterChina has a sustainable backbone of local and western professionals who have both experience working in China and overseas and have offices and professionals throughout China, the US and Europe. InterChina joined with Clearwater in 2014, along with three leading European corporate finance firms (UK based Clearwater Corporate Finance, Scandinavian firm Advizer and IMAPLynx based in Spain and Portugal), creating Clearwater International.

Richard L. Wottrich

Richard L. Wottrich, CEO and Senior Consultant, International Services, DSI Global View (Atlanta USA), is a Senior Advisor to InterChina, representing their interests in the United States. This affiliation provides a unique ability for Wottrich to refer new business and clients for applications and solutions in China. Wottrich has consulted with InterChina for several years and is well positioned to evaluate and implement U.S. client strategic plans in China.

Richard L. WottrichInterChina Curriculum Vitae

“Oh, East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet…” Rudyard Kipling

 DSI World

DSI is a US-based International Strategic Planning Consultancy

DSI assists businesses in researching, analyzing and implementing cross-border entry into new markets via IT, Joint Ventures and M&A.

DSI is ‘Your Bridge to the World’ 

The DSI cloud-based virtual Global Networking Platform is composed of over 225 investment banking firms, consulting firms and university and technology centers in 35 countries.