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What is Big Data?

Every day, humans create 2.5 exabytes (2.5×1018) of data on an accelerating growth curve. Over 90% of all data in the world today was created in the last two years. Over 6 billion cellphones are in use globally and 2.4 billion humans have Internet access. DSI supports, coordinates, organizes and implements big data projects for clients interested in measuring results, new markets, competition and new innovations worldwide.

“Progress is Man’s Ability to Complicate Simplicity” Thor-Heyerdahl

DSI Harnesses Big Data for Your Business

  • Big Data Exploration
 – Visualize, understand, and organize data to improve decision making.
  • Data Warehouse Augmentation – 
Integrate big data with operations to increase operational efficiency.
  • Enhanced 360º View of the Customer
 – Gain a full understanding of customers.
  • Operations Analysis
 – Real-time visibility of customer experience, transactions and behavior.
  • Security Threshold
 – Lower risk, detect fraud and monitor cyber security in real time.

Who Are the Players?  DSI coordinates and organizes Big Data resources inclusive of but not limited to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google BigQuery, Intel Big Data, IBM Big Data, Softlayer TechnologiesApache Gora, 10Gen, Teradata, Splunk, Oracle Big Data, Cloudera, AWS Big Data, and SAP HANA.

Big Data Rapid Growth Market Sectors  Medical Records, Telecom Data, Retail Transactions, Self-Driving Vehicles, Social Media Activity and Financial Data.

Big Data Case StudyParamount Bed Holdings Co., Ltd. (TSE:7817) – パラマウントベッドホールディングス株式会社

DSI World

DSI is a US-based International Strategic Planning Consultancy

DSI assists businesses in researching, analyzing and implementing cross-border entry into new markets via IT, Joint Ventures and M&A.

DSI is ‘Your Bridge to the World’ 

The DSI cloud-based virtual Global Networking Platform is composed of over 225 investment banking firms, consulting firms and university and technology centers in 35 countries.