DSI Launches Global Networking Platform


 By Richard L. Wottrich, CEO & Senior Consultant, International Services 

September 6, 2013, Chicago USA 

DSI Investment Banking Services, Inc. (DSI) has launched a Global Networking Platform providing access to over 200 I-Banks and consulting firms worldwide to its corporate clients. Clients can access the Platform as a Licensee via three levels of services ranging from international searches to joint mandates to close a specific transaction.

DSI has maintained its Global Network for over 20 years and it is generally recognized as one of the top such international venues.  DSI CEO Richard Wottrich, a past Chairman of the Board and President of the IMAP, Inc., another major international M&A network, remarked, “Data is not the issue today. We are awash in Big Data. Interpreting Big Data, speed to market, and establishing the right contacts are the keys to cross border success today.”

Wottrich went on to say, “For example, we have been working with a Japanese public corporation in the Medical Devices Industry. They joined the DSI Global Networking Platform to determine the relevancy of their U.S. acquisition criteria. DSI thoroughly researched and determined their opportunities in the U.S. market. We researched and compiled the entire U.S. population of Medical Devices firms to determine the availability of potential acquisitions for the client; then screened and refined that list to a Top-10 acquisition priority ranking. DSI and a top Japanese M&A firm are now partnering with the client to make an acquisition.”

DSI is based in Chicago USA and it recently celebrated its 20th year of operations. The DSI Global Network is composed of independently-owned firms through Reciprocal Networking Agreements with DSI. Further information is available at www.dsiglobalview.com

Richard Wottrich, Blog Author – Richard.Wottrich@dsiglobalview.com