Connor Manufacturing Services Honors Bob Sloss, CEO and Chairman of the Board

Immediate past CFO Maxine Harmatta, CEO and Chairman of the Board Bob Sloss, and President Dennis Kweicinski

President Dennis Kweicinski and immediate past CFO Maxine Harmatta present CEO and Chairman of the Board Bob Sloss with a plaque commemorating 45 years with Connor Manufacturing Services in Portland, Oregon this past May 24th.

Headquartered in California’s Silicon Valley, with wholly-owned manufacturing facilities in North America, SE Asia and China, Connor Manufacturing has a unique global footprint that is positioned to employ any or all of its resources toward the clients project, resulting in maximum efficiency through all the pre-project planning and design, engineering, material management and quality control stages. With the disciplined mindset of safety, quality and service, Connor creates a “value proposition” within the market place for every client.

This “value proposition” relates to innovative rapid response and speed to market, product price sensitivity, and ease of doing business that Connor clients come to expect. This dynamic results from Connors internal philosophy which was founded on the importance of the employee and how they are treated. Creating a better work place attracts better employees. Creating an environment where convictions of a strong work ethic and fairness carry from employee, to supplier to the client and promotes an atmosphere of success for all. These are the principles that Connor’s success was founded upon over 100 years ago.

Richard Wottrich, Board of Directors, Connor Manufacturing – CEO and Senior Consultant, International Services, DSI Global View, Atlanta, USA